USA vs Jamaica

USA vs Jamaica: Jamaica, influential in the Caribbean Concacafus, began its activities in the late 1980s, which led to the country’s first major national championship when it raised the 1991 Caribbean Cup, a tournament in which they won six times.

The shining achievement Reggae Boyz took third place in the final qualifying round for the 1998 World Cup in France, thanks to which they performed for the first time on the world’s largest arena. In the first two matches they hit the national team of Croatia and Argentina, and the side in which the current head coach Theodore Whitmore was present won her first World Cup match when she won 2-1 in the group finals.

Despite the fact that since then they have not been selected for the World Cup, Jamaica has recently performed exclusively in the match for the Golden Concacaf Cup, moving to each of the last two finals. In 2015, Reggae Boys defeated the USA with a 2: 1 score in the semifinal, after which he made it to Mexico in a championship match. Two years later, MNT received revenge using Josie Altidore’s free kick and a 88th-minute blow to Jordan Morris to win a 2-1 win and win his sixth Golden Cup title.

The United States and Jamaica will fight in the battle in the second semi-final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 on Wednesday, at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. heaps. However, the Jamaican won only one of their three matches, and the Americans won all three.

Bet365 (h / t called the hosts 1-2 favorites, while Jamaica has 6-1 chances. Draw comes in 3-1. Theodore Whitmore, one of the most acclaimed players in the history of Jamaica football, recorded 120 goals and 24 goals for the reggae boy, which is enough for the third in the history in both categories.

A member of the 1998 FIFA World Cup team, the midfielder also played part of his career in England with Hull City and Tranmer Rovers, as well as in a short internship with the Scottish club Livingston.

Previously training Jamaica in 2009–2013, Whitmore returned to this post in 2016 and was at the helm when the reggae boy reached the finals of the 2017 Golden Cup Concacaf. Since the first meeting in 1988, the US men’s team has held 15-3-8 matches in the overall standings in 26 matches against Jamaica, having spent 12-2-3 in the USA.

In preparation for the Gold Cup, the teams met less than a month ago with Jamaica, which beat out the winners with a 1: 0 score on June 5 at the Audi Field in Washington, DC. Jamaica began the current World Cup cycle with a 2-0 defeat in Ecuador. last September, before starting the selection process for the League of Nations Konkaf 2019-20.

Reggae Boyz scored three victories in a row in qualifying for CNL, dropping the Cayman Islands (4-0), Bonaire (6-0) and Suriname (2-0) until the end of 2018 on a high note. However, they only needed a draw in their last qualifying match to secure a place in League A, and they fell 2-0 in El Salvador on March 23, pushing Jamaica to League B.

After a 1-0 win over the USA on June 5, Jamaica won its gold group, beating Honduras 3-2 (June 17), and then tied with El Salvador (June 21) and with the score 1-1 with Curacao. (June 25). In the first quarter-finals on Sunday, Jamaica used a free kick in the 75th minute from Darren Mattox to defeat Panama 1-0 and give reggae to the Boys semi-final of the Golden Cup for the third time in a row.

USA 4-1-0 all the time against Jamaica in the Gold Cup, and the match on Wednesday marks the third tournament in a row, where the two sides will meet. , Reggae Boyz was remembered with a 2: 1 win in the semifinals of 2015, and USMNT returned the favor with a 2: 1 win in the 2017 final to win its sixth Gold Cup title.

Berhalter still can not get the team to play their own style of football, rotating around the movement of the ball, designed to cause chaos in the defense. So far, the results of the Golden Cup have been solid, but the United States has not yet been tested by the strongest CONCACAF teams. Panama was supposed to conduct this test, but decided to play several backups.

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